Paul‘s design philosophy is grounded in the idea that great architecture springs from the unique context, culture and constraints of each project. He believes that understanding the essence of each project involves extensive research into not only the physical environment but also the unique needs and aspirations of each client. Through years of experience Paul has found that unusual environments, obstacles or conflicting needs are most often the impetus for his most creative projects and give meaning and poignancy to the work of U+B.

Paul has always been an avid traveler and is fascinated with regional expressions of architecture and design. Paul spent a year living in India prior to his graduate studies and recently he has spent a great deal of time traveling and working in Morocco. In Marrakech, Paul worked directly with local artisans and builders to design and build houses and a golf clubhouse while also designing custom tile patterns, furniture and light fixtures.

Throughout his career Paul has worked on a large variety of project types from museums, office space and retail stores to houses and furniture design both locally and nationally. His experience includes both architecture and interiors work and he believes that the two fields are inseparable for thoughtful design. Paul’s commitment to the integration of architecture and interiors is part of a greater commitment to working with a variety of projects types including residential and commercial work and engaging design at all scales from the human body to the larger site.

Paul received liberal arts degree from Brown University and his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Yale University and is the recipient of numerous academic awards and fellowships. He has worked at prestigious architecture firms on both the East and West Coast, as well as Chicago and Minneapolis. Paul founded U+B with Mark Burgess in 2003 with a mission to combine award-winning design with a truly collaborative work environment.

A native of Massachusetts, Paul arrived in Minnesota in 1996. He currently lives in Tyrol Hills with his wife, Sylvie and two children, Nico and Anna.